Online Marketing/Social Media

This segment of NEESH projects is growing at an astounding rate as overwhealming amounts of people are realising and utilising the power of social networking and online marketing.

Social media iconsSocial media has been tagged as “Word of Mouth” on steroids. As of October 27, 2012 the top 4 social media sites in terms of traffic were Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ with Facebook taking 62.39% of the visits of the top 10 social media websites. Click here to check out the current figures and to see how things have changed in the social media arena. There are numerous other social networking groups online and researching the group that best suits your personal or business activities is worth the effort to truly capitalise on the opportunities available.

“Social Networking Solutions & Integration for Your Website”

We are happy to integrate blogs seamlessly into your new or existing site/s which will give you a good starting point to get your word out there. The search engines love fresh content and a blog is a great way to do this especially with the push towards real time search results. Once your blog is integrated we can then start integrating your blog into your preferred social networking groups. We presently concentrate on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but we can integrate your blog into any networking group that allows blog integration.

Results will be directly related to the effort you put in to write quality articles, build up fans, friends, followers and being responsive to your new online community groups but you will have an easy to use, effective tool to increase your online presence and exposure.

“Email Campaigns to Keep Your Customers Up to Date & in Touch”

Email campaigns are another effective marketing approach when utilised correctly. We implement personalised html newsletters to minimise the chances of your emails being sent to spam folders and utilise your existing database to keep your clients up to date on current offers and promotions.

Keep in mind that all these strategies are cost effective to implement but labour resources can quickly outstrip any return on investment if there is no definitive strategy in place. Businesses also should also have performance indicators established to monitor any campaigns success or weakness which will become a valuable record to refer to when initialising future campaigns. Our job is to implement your blog/social networking requirements then educate you on how to utilise the social media integration effectively.

The most rewarding part of online marketing is that you can compete directly against the “Big Boys” of industry as you are all operating off the same platforms. The difference being who is regular with informative status updates (posting information), who is building rapport with their groups and who is communicating effectively to address any issues both positive and negative.

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