1. I don’t have a big budget but need a web presence. Will I be able to extend the site in the future?

Sure, we get a lot of clients wanting to do this. We can create a professional, functional template for your site with extendable navigation then get it hosted. When you get on your feet, come back to us and we can implement the shopping cart, extra pages, Blog, movies etc as you require. If you start of with a content management system to begin with it will be even easier to expand as required.

2. Do you provide ongoing support for your clients?

Yes, we enjoy keeping in touch with our clients and are always available to provide you with advice and quick turnaround updates when required. We are acutely aware of the “Fly by Nighters” in this industry and how many clients have been burnt or simply have not been able to contact them after the site has been completed (some not even completed). We have been established since 2001 and are intent on maintaining the good reputation we have earned.

3. My existing web site is old and outdated. Can you update the existing site or do I need a new one?

We often get this question and Yes, we can update the majority of the sites we see. The only issue we’ve come across is not being able to obtain files from your existing web designer if you have a contracted arrangement with them. Check that you have the FTP details for your site and full access to all your files before proceeding with an overhaul. It could save you a lot of time and grief. If you have the money, it is generally better to start over due to changing technologies and trends. We’ll take a look and see if it’s worth saving.

4. We want our site to be number 1 in Google. Can you do that for us?

Well generally speaking, everyone wants to be number 1 in Google and depending on what words or phrases you want to be ranked for will decide the outcome. If you have an unusual company name then you most likely will rank highly under that word or phrase but who would type it in without already having heard of you? If you wanted to rank number 1 for a word like “Finance” then your chances would be very slim without a massive advertising budget. We are not search engine optimisers but we do keep up to date with what makes a web site search engine friendly and implement those key factors with all our sites to get you off to a good start. Optimisers generally work on an ongoing basis monitoring statistics, link building, Blogging, you tubing, altering site content accordingly amongst many other methods to maximise results. A lot of factors in the Google algorithms (which is constantly changing and currently consists of over 200 algorithms to analyse a sites worthiness) are also out of your hands such as a sites longevity giving preference over newer sites.

5. How much will a website cost me and do you have a set fee structure?

We quote on every site individually as they all have there own individual requirements. Databases, content management systems (CMS), Blogs, flash, logo design or redraws, movies, forms, imagery, text etc. the list goes on and we want to sit down with you to discuss all the options available to make your web site the best it can be within your budget.

6. Have your clients web sites been successful?

Yes, all of our customers have seen more inquiry, sales and the site statistics speak for themselves. Along with that they have often remarked how much positive feedback the have received from visitors to their new sites. The revamped or new sites on existing domains have seen noticeable increases in site visitors as our clients can compare directly from old site stats to what the revamp or new site under the same domain name is achieving. Actual sales from web sites are harder to judge unless all of your sales are made online. Some sites merely have contact phone numbers along with inquiry forms but unless your admin staff are educated to ask how the person at the other end of the line heard about you then you will never know what’s working and what’s not. Inquiry forms speak for themselves but a lot of people will still email or phone you which may or may not have been due to the website presence. It is definitely not unusual for our clients to have achieved more than double the visitors to their new site if they have old stats to make a comparison with. New sites with new domains usually can expect a slow start until it gets indexed by the search engines which can take varying degrees of time but don’t worry, your site will get indexed as we dedicate a lot of time to making your site search engine friendly.

7. Do you think I need a Web site?

Of course you do, otherwise we’d be out of business. No, seriously, it is such a cost effective marketing tool available 24/7/365 for your clients and prospective clients to research your company. Compare the other advertising media available and there is nothing that comes close to giving you bang for your dollar. What is the first place most people go to find out about a company? Even Major Directories only provide contact details and a brief description. Basically the initial web site setup is the most costly part but then you only have to pay a nominal amount for ongoing maintenance (recommended to keep your site fresh and interesting), your website domain registration and hosting each year. Basically, people like to visit a website to find out about your business and the website must be informative with a professional image to maximise its success.

8. Should I hire a professional, pay Uncle Johns nephew or build the website myself?

Are you prepared to allocate time spent that could be more efficiently dedicated to other business growth opportunities? There’s a lot to it and we constantly have clients that have attempted it with disastrous results. It is better to have no web site at all than to waste your hard earned money on an amateurish site for the world to see (or more likely…not see)…ewwww. The second point is that you don’t just have to think about the design, you also need to make it search engine friendly. What’s the use of paying for a site to be hosted if no-ones going to find it? Yes, everyone knows someone that can do web sites, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that and once again I have seen the results. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and there is nothing more true than this in the world of web design. If you decide to go for the novice alternatives purely on a financial basis just make sure they have a portfolio of their work to show you and some stats on how they’re ranking…actually, in saying that, why not ask them a few more of the questions listed here? It is not uncommon for us to lose jobs to cheap alternatives only to find we are redoing the site 6 months down the track due to poor site feedback, few site visitors, unfinished work, business folding, designers that can no longer be contacted amongst a variety of other woes. Really consider getting a professional, whether us or somebody else, preferably us of course, to create a professional web presence and don’t throw your money down the drain. It will be money well spent.

9. Can I do anything to get more visitors to my site?

Yes, you can do a lot! Work on reciprocal links with complimentary sites, submit to social networking sites, submit to social book marking sites, answer questions at Yahoo Answers and add your URL, post a classified ad at sites, post in forums, leave Blog comments, submit to directories, write articles and post to article directories, write good quality content so other website’s will naturally link to you, update your sites content to keep it fresh for both search engines and people alike. Of course you also have the pay per click options available if you really want to kick start your marketing campaign and have a few dollars to spare. Also, don’t forget putting your web address on all your emails, stationary and marketing material.

10. What do you need me to provide to build the web site?

We firstly need brief from you about what you are hoping to achieve from the web site and to give us a feel for your business. We also need to get to know what type of style appeals to you so we can work on a concept. We then need to discuss what pages you require. At this stage we can get to work while you work on the textual content and any additional visuals that you may need included (if you haven’t already supplied them). Oh, almost forgot, please supply all text in digital format.

11. I don’t have a logo. Can you design one for me?

Sure we can, along with any other branding requirements you may have for your company. We have a wide range of multimedia skills so if you have any out of the ordinary requirements do not be afraid to ask before looking elsewhere.

12. Do you do Flash animations?

Flash has unfortunately gone to the wayside being replaced by HTML5 animation which is viewable across all devices.

13. How do I know how my project is coming along?

For most sites we set up a sub domain for you to view your site online as it is being built. We will inform you of the URL to access it once we have the original concept page up and running. At this point we discuss your thoughts and update if need be. Once we have the green light we start working on the other pages after receiving all the information that you want to be included.

14. Why do you need to know what colours and styles I like? Aren’t you the designers?

Yes, that’s right but all clients are different and it saves a lot of your time and money if we give you what you want from the get go. It’s surprising the diversity of styles and colours people like and they don’t always match our own but it’s not our site, it’s yours, so we may advise on trends and colour combinations but we know you won’t be happy with it unless it suits your style. Take a look through our portfolio and look at the diverse range of site colour and design.

15. What development software do you utilise and why?

We utilise industry standard software to keep abreast of current and future design trends. Adobe Creative Suite is our core working environment. We are now only utilising WordPress for site framework due to it’s flexibility and extendability.

16. What clients have you worked for and where can I see what you have done for them?

A sample of our current websites is on the website portfolio page of this site and our graphics portfolio is on the graphics page. We have also created many others but have chosen a variety of different styles and functionality as a showcase of what we can offer.

17. Do you have a contract?

We have a contract to detail exactly where both parties stand regarding their obligations and it is primarily there to give you piece of mind about inclusions and obligations. It is written in plain English and there is no fine print to worry about. Our clients have never needed to address any problems with our service and realise we go out of our way to ensure that the project exceeds their expectations.

18. Do you charge for quotes?

No, all our proposals are obligation free. Before providing proposals we also need to meet with you and thoroughly discuss your requirements. The only fees you pay are for the project if you accept the proposal.

19. What size websites do you make?

Anything from a 1 page website upwards.

20. What development languages and databases do you utilise?

Predominantly PHP MySQL due to the flexibility, stability and resources available.

21. What Web Browsers do you test your projects on?

We test on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari being the major players in the browser arena.

22. What devices will our site be accessible on?

All our sites are now designed to be responsive on all devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops.

23. Are websites susceptible to litigation issues?

We use our own images/graphics or utilise copyright free imagery so we know we are doing the right thing. We expect that any text and imagery our clients supply can also be utilised for commercial use and inform them of the importance of this as we take no responsibility for artwork or text supplied by yourself. We do recommend a privacy / disclaimer page more for visitor reassurance although I can’t remember the last time I looked at one. As long as both parties are contributing copyright free content there won’t be anything to worry about. We don’t create sites that we deem could result in legal complications.

24. When do I need to pay you?

We ask for a 50% deposit upon signing of our standard web contract. Upon completion we require the outstanding 50% within 7 days. During that 7 days you are free to advise of minor changes that we will update for you at no additional cost. It is at the discretion of Neesh Design what constitutes minor.

25. How much do you charge for the graphic design work on the website?

We do all our own graphic design work and don’t outsource this so when we give you the quote for the website this is already included. All our quotes are complete with nothing to hide and no nasty add on’s to worry about. Hosting and Domain names are the only additional charges you will need to pay but we do not charge for arranging this for you.

26. How much will you charge to host my site?

We don’t host sites but can arrange hosting through several reputable hosting providers depending on your sites requirements? We generally source hosting for around $84/annum.

27. How much do you charge for domain name registration?

We normally arrange this through whichever hosting provider is utilised so that your hosting and domain registration are maintained by the same people. We generally source .com.au domain names for approximately $12/year.

28. How much do you charge for maintenance, and support?

Ongoing maintenance is charged at an hourly rate. We do not tie you into any contracts unless it is more beneficial for your company to have a maintenance contract in place.

29. Have you ever built a website like the one I want you to build?

We have done a lot of web sites over the years and they have all been individually made to look unique in there own way however the general navigational structures are often similar positioning to provide ease of use for the site visitor. As you will notice on the web, most sites have similar navigational layout to provide familiarity when searching for information. We are happy to design your site exactly how you would like it however there are many requirements necessary to make a website successful and we suggest taking our recommendations seriously to ensure your website is a success.

30. What are your office hours?

Office hours we like to try and keep are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

31. Do I own copyright to the site?

Yes, as soon as your final payment has been made we hand over all of our work to the client.

32. How long will it take for you to build my site?

It is impossible to estimate without knowing the size of the project but most of our projects are completed between 1 week and a month. A lot of the time factor is also in your hands by ensuring that you supply all the text and images upon commencement and provide prompt communication for any decision making that needs to be made along the way.

33. Do I own the domain name used for my site?

Yes, all hosting and domain registration is under your name and billed to you directly by the hosting company being utilised. Be wary of any providers that haven’t registered your domain under your name as they own it and it could be a costly exercise to buy it off them in the future.

34. Do you use templates or design yourself?

We use a combination of both depending on customer requirements.


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